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If you were looking for Class in a Flash or Stampin’ Update Newsletters (SUN) you are in the right spot!

We designed a whole new and exciting service for Stampin’ Up! enthusiasts and Demonstrators.

Demonstrator Newsletter are now easier than ever.  Find out more details on our Demonstrator Service Page.

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18 Responses to “Class in a Flash”

  1. So excited and happy your newsletter is coming back. It was the best connection I had with my customers. You are always “au courant,” on trend and useful. I’m going to On Stage in Tampa. Wish you were going to be there too.

    • Thank you Emma Rose, we are excited to be coming back! We appreciate your kind comments and think you’ll be pleased with the changes. Hope you have an awesome time at OnStage in Tampa, two of my team members will be there, too. Can’t wait to hear about it. Unfortunately, timing with the kiddos didn’t let me travel to this one so I’m trying out the OnStage Online and looking forward to Salt Lake in the spring. Thanks again!

  2. During you cyber Monday offer for the Technique tutorial , I ordered it twice thru PayPal. The first time they did not recognize my card because of an expiration dye chafe, and the second time, I cannot tell if it went thru and/or if I got the order . Can you please tell me if I did get it, where do I find it? and if not can I still get it? or will you offer it again.
    Thank you for your assistance, love your site.

    Maureen macDonald December 15, 2015 at 11:56 am
  3. Debbie, I am loving your new site! Any word on when your newsletter service will begin? Thanks so much! Lisa

  4. Can’t wait! I’m looking forward to your January newsletters!!

  5. I’m so thankful you ladies are back! I purchased Technique 1 and 2 that just came out! I’m very excited to see what else you release. Just give us time to use what we purchase…. this way I can keep purchasing your offerings… : )

    I LOVE your site where we can see all our purchases and our downloads are right there, at our finger tips. So if we are away, not at our computer, we can still work! You ladies are brilliant!

    Thank you for your professional work and wonderful personalities! You are a pleasure to purchase from. You are #1 in Customer Service!

    • Lois,

      We are glad to be back! Debbie and I really appreciate your kind comments and feedback. Having a membership site where you can access your tutorials is something we’ve been working hard at so it is wonderful to hear that you appreciate the convenience of it.

      Now if we could invent more time we’d all be set! ha ha!

      Thanks so much,

  6. Loving all the great info I’m receiving from you great Ladies! I’m going to On Stage in April! I’d love to hear about any swaps!

    • Barbara, thank you for your comment. We love hearing when others finds value in our work.

      Here’s the information from our last swap.

      We will probably do the same thing on the first morning of OnStage. We just need to come up with a new theme. Any suggestions?

    • I was wondering when your newsletter service will begin ?? Excited
      Janet Holmes

      • Janet, thanks for the comment. Well I can honestly say the newsletter service is not going to be available soon enough for me. We ran a beta test this last couple of months and although it was successful we found some issues we need to fix. Isn’t it just like technology to get in the way? We are working on it. Will you be at OnStage? We can meet and I can give you more details about the program.

  7. Any updates on when we can sign up for the ciaf subscription?

    • Amy, thank you for contacting us. I can say our two top priorities right now is focusing on delivering the next Technique Collection #3 and programming the demonstrator newsletters. The Technique Collections are similar to CIAF. Have you had a chance to work with them at all?

  8. I am planning to move near the Portland area in the next 6 months. I am looking for a group that I can participate in. Will try to find you on Facebook. Thanks again.

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