Tea Bag Gift


I had a friend who wasn’t feeling well.  I put together a little tea gift to send her with my favorite tea.  Our Kraft Tag A Bag Gift Bags coupled with A Nice Cuppa stamp set is the perfect combination for my gift.


I used the Faux Plaid Technique on the cup. It’s easy to do.

1) Ink the stamp with the lightest stamp
2) Holding a stamp pad on the side, you tap the side of the pad on the stamp several times to make the plaid marks.
3) You can wipe away ink from the areas on the stamp where you want a solid color and fill-in with a marker.
4) That’s It!



My favorite tea right now is the Sweet and Spice brand. Have you tried it? It’s so flavorful both hot and cold. You HAVE to try it if you haven’t already.




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