Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator Newsletters

CraftyPerson email newsletters for Stampin' Up! Demonstrators

While, from the outside, it may not look like much is happening we want you to know we are hard at work behind the scenes to create a new high quality email newsletter service and membership site for you.

We are committed to bringing you lots of great ways to help simplify marketing your Stampin’ Up! business.

Do you remember the good ‘ole days when you were able to simply copy and paste a CraftyPerson email newsletter into your email service provider and click send within a matter of minutes – not days?  The newsletter was full of useful tips, marketing contenting, and product highlights similar to the one below.

CraftyPerson email newsletters for Stampin' Up! Demonstrators

You would send the email out on a regular basis, receiving comments and orders from your customers while you sleep. We miss those days too.  So we are bringing it back.  A beta of the sleek new CraftyPerson newsletter service will be coming by the end of March 2016 to help you grow your relationships with your customers and team while keeping them informed of the latest and greatest from you and Stampin’ Up!

It’s BACK BABY!  Better than ever.   Visit our CraftyPerson Demonstrator Newsletter Service Page for more details.

We want to hear from you on what you would like to see in a CraftyPerson newsletter.  Comment below and tell us what you miss most about the CraftyPerson Newsletter service and what you would like to see in the next product offering.

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29 Responses to “Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator Newsletters”

  1. I miss actually sending a newsletter and my customers miss receiving it since it always had great info. I could, technically, send my own. But in reality…it just doesn’t get sent.

    • I totally agree with you Amy! I can’t wait to start using your newsletters again! I totally haven’t had time to make my newsletters and the ones from the dbws just aren’t as good as yours!

      • Awe, thanks Teresa. I can’t wait either. I wasn’t keeping up with my own newsletters. I do it more for others than myself, so I’m happy to have inspiration again. ~Debbie

  2. Although I didn’t utilize the newsletter service previously, I am now in a position to do so. My customers like project ideas especially multiple ways to use a single stamp set. Often they purchase a set based on one image they like. I want to be able to give them ideas for more ways to use their stamps.

    • Congrats on your growing business Mary! Debbie and I agree that showing more than one way or an unexpected way to use a product is something customers really appreciate. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with Debbie and me!

  3. Stampin’ tips and multiple uses for an accessory item, punch or stamp. Customers like to purchase things that they can use more ways than originally intended.

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts Debbi! Debbie and I agree that showing multiple uses for stamps, punches, framelits, accessory items really helps customers see value in the products. We will definitely keep that in mind as we create content for the newsletters. Thanks!

  4. How exciting! Sometimes the old way is the best and I can’t wait to go back to a more simpler way to send out newsletters! Love little projects to give my customers every month. My life is crazy busy and your newsletters help to make me look like I have all the time in the world! I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

    • Life is crazy! I’m glad to hear that our newsletters were such a help to you and that you are excited to see our new improved newsletter system and content. With all the craziness it’s great to keep customers engaged with project ideas and inspiration. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  5. Loved the “product focus” and/or “technique tip”. Using one stamp set for various looks was always a hit too. Can’t wait! Excited!

    • Angela, thanks for sharing your ideas with us. Techniques and product focus are both great types of info to have in a newsletter as are multiple uses. So glad to hear you are excited for the return of newsletters, Debbie and I are, too! Thank you.

  6. I loved how professional it looked and the great mix of project ideas and tips. Going forward, it will definitely make it easier to make contact with my customers more consistent.

    • Thank you Melissa, it’s great to hear you liked our old newsletters and are looking forward to the new newsletters! You are right, consistency is key and always easier said than done. I know my personal contact with customers has really fallen off the wagon without the newsletter service. Thanks again!

  7. I can’t wait for the newsletter to become available again. I just don’t have the time to get one together since I work a fulltime job. I would love to be able to better support my downline and customers.

    • Beverly I’m glad to hear you are excited for the return of newsletters! Life is busy, Debbie and I are thrilled to be able to help with time consuming things like newsletters again. You are right about communication and support for both customers and downline are important. Thanks!

  8. I LOVED the newsletters just as they were! Lots of samples, SU specials, links and more!! They always looked awesome/professional (something I couldn’t do without you!). It was an great way for me to stay in contact with my customers and downline. Was also a great tool for me to celebrate my downline and their successes. I can’t wait! I have missed the newsletters a lot! Thank you for bringing them back!

    • Thank you Christy! It’s so nice to hear that you loved the newsletters and how they helped you with your business. Debbie and I sure don’t want that to change! I’m excited to let you know that the new newsletters have a clean professional look and lots of content just like the old ones while still being updated to be more current technically and style-wise. Plus, the new system makes them easier and more timely for you to customize and create. Yea!

  9. I am happy you are getting everything close to being finished. I did not use the newsletter before now but I will for future. I have had a series of challenges that have caused my SU! business to be on the back burner. I am looking forward to getting back on track. Thanks ladies for all you do!

    • Sherry, I’m glad to hear you are at a point to send newsletters out. Amy and I are thrilled to be able to help with time consuming things like newsletters. We are looking forward to working with you Thanks!

  10. Hi Debbie and Amy, I’m definitely looking forward to the new version of your newsletter. Like many other, I didn’t use the earlier one since I was doing my own but I’m looking forward to a bit of a ‘me’ break and checking out your new newsletter. Keep the good stuff coming! 🙂 ~Blythe

  11. Just an enquiry – will the newsletter service be offered across all SU markets, or just North America? I can appreciate that would probably be quite difficult, logistically.

    • Tracey, thanks for the comment. We will start out with slowly to make sure we can offer a top notch product. We will begin with USA only. However, the way we are developing the newsletter, you can make changes that are local to your region. When we reach 40 customers in a certain country, we will localize the newsletter for that country. Does that sound fair?

  12. I am SO excited for your news letter. I have a small customer base and just started blogging. I am really trying to grow. I know your newsletter will be a huge benefit to my business. I am all about easy as I am still learning. Lol. Thank you so much for all you are doing!

    • Sheri, Amy and I are so happy to help. Newsletters (email marketing) is still the the best and most economical way to share news. That way you can spend more time on personalizing your blogging and customer interactions.

  13. I would like to see the current specials offered by Stampin’ Up! some card and scrapbooking ideas and information about trends, etc. Also, if there is a way to have a place to click to order that would link directly to “MY” Stampin’ Up! website store. Would this be a weekly newsletter or a monthly one?

  14. I’m in the Uk and subscribed to this service previously. I loved them and found it much easier to make some adjustments to the content, (eg we don’t have Paper Pumpkin) than try to make my own from scratch. Soooo looking forward to this starting again.

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