RIP Susy Miller

Susy Miller, Stampin' Up! Demonstrator

A number of demonstrators were waiting in line to use the one and only computer at the hotel to check-in online and print our boarding passes for our outgoing flights. We were all gabbing and having a good time during the hour-long wait. The person in front of me was Susy Miller. She was a SUN Member so it was nice to catch-up with her.

I published this story 4 years ago.  I’m sharing it here with you now after hearing of our loss of a dear individual – Susy Miller.

We were all lamenting about having to have our credit cards in hand to check-in so that we can pay the idiotic baggage handling fees. Finally, it was Susy’s turn to go to the computer to check-in. All of a sudden, Susy turned around to us with fear in her eyes and said “Didn’t I have my credit card with me?“.

Susy Miller, DemonstratorWe all responded – “Yes, we saw that you had it.

Susy started to panic, so…of course, we in the line started to panic. We began looking everywhere. Under the carpet, the computer, the printer, in Susy’s pockets, everywhere. And yet no credit card. We had all been waiting so long to get on the darn computer that Susy was really upset and felt bad that she was holding us up.

So her voice got louder as she was scrambling to check every part of her clothing and purse. Again we started looking around…under the carpet, the computer, the printer. It must have been a site to see. But we demonstrators stick together like Sticky Strip.

Susy in one last frantic attempt looked at us and said – “Didn’t I have my credit card with me?

And we all said “YES!

I even displayed how I saw her have the credit card in her right hand. As I demonstrated, Susy said “Wait a minute, that credit card in YOUR hand, looks familiar. It’s MY credit card“.

Sure enough, her credit card found its way into my right hand. How, I don’t know. I can tell you I was very embarrassed. Susy, who should have been furious with me, just laughed it off. She even went so far as within the hour recommended my services to two other demonstrators.

I’m sharing this story to let you know that it’s not only the projects, training and free products that draws us to Stampin’ Up! events. It’s the stories, the people and the experiences as well. I know I will never forget this story. I want to go on record to say that I adore and appreciate Susy for her forgiving nature. To the other demonstrators in the line – thank you one and all for your kind and gracious support during this really weird incident.

If you are reading this please send a prayer to Susy’s friends and family. I cherish getting to know Susy. In the time she was on this earth she gave me a valuable lesson I won’t forget. I don’t know how the credit card magically found its way into my right hand but I’m sure glad to know there are people who touch you and who are as fabulous and forgiving as Susy Miller was.

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