Print 2 photos in 1 for your Project Life albums.

Project Life 2-in-1 Printing

Project Life by Stampin’ Up! is the time-friendly memory keeping system that stampers and crafters are raving about.

The simple system combines pocket pages and gorgeous coordinating, artist-designed, card sets so you can quickly create and complete albums you’ll enjoy looking at and sharing.

The main pocket sizes ( 3” x 4” and 4” x 6”) are designed to match standard 4” x 6” photo prints. Follow the steps in this tutorial to learn how to create two 3” x 4” prints from a single 4” x 6” print.

To create two 3” x 4” photos on a single 4” x 6” print you’ll need to combine photos using software or online tools.

This tutorial uses a free online tool called “picmonkey”. No sign in is needed to use it, upgrades are available at a fee.

Open your browser and go to scroll down to the “Make a collage” button and click.


The collage page will open up in the “Images” page. At the far left click on the image of 3 boxes to open the “Layout” page.

Select the “Ducks in a Row” option that shows photos in a row.

Select the first option that shows 2 photos next to each other.


The template will show two square photos. To make them the right proportion for a 4” x 6” print edit the size in the box at the bottom center.

Type in 1800 in the left box and 1200 in the right box.

If it tries to keep the size ratio the same, click the “lock” image to unlock the ratio and then enter your numbers.


Now to add photos.

First, click on “Images” at the far left.

Second, click on the box that says “Open photos”.

A pop-up box will appear. Click on the green box that says “Open from my computer”.

Note: you can also upload from other sources using the links at the top of the pop-up box.


Navigate to your photos on your computer and select the photos you want to add.

Once added, your photos will appear in the “Images” section.

Drag and drop one of your photos into each photo box in the template.



Click on a photo to select it and then click on the blue “Edit” button on the photo image.

(Do not use the gray “Edit” button on the toolbar above the photos for this.)

You can these tools for basic editing.

NOTE: Additional features marked with the “crown” image are available in the paid service.




Using the basic tools you can adjust:

-Size (zoom in/out)


-Exposure (light/dark)

-Rotate (right/left)

-Flip (horizontal/ vertical)


When finished editing both photos, click the gray “Save” button above photos.

A pop-up box will appear. Click on the green “Save to my computer” button.

Navigate to where you want to save the photo, rename, and select resolution to save at.

In picmonkey: Roger=small   Pierce =medium   Sean=high



Landscape photos can be added to this same layout but will look “sideways” in this template.

If you want to use a landscape photo in the portrait position, use the blue “Edit” button on the photo and select “Fit to cell”. The photo will not fill the frame. You can move it up or down in the box.

This is a good opportunity to add text!



When finished editing both photos, click on the gray “Edit” button.

A pop-up box will appear. Click the green “Open in Editor” button.


The Text Editing window will open. Other additional editing tools are also available here.

Click “Add text” button.

Double click on text box to open and add your text. You can drag the text box to where you want it and can use the corners to re-size it.

Select the text and use the Text Edit box to change the font, size, color, etc.



Click the gray “Save” button above the photos when you are done editing.

Save photo to computer.

Upload the JPG file to your favorite print service and have it printed.

Once printed use the Stampin’ Trimmer to neatly trim your 4” x 6” photo into two 3” x 4” photos.

Trim off the white “gap” area between photos if you wish.



These 3” x 4” photos are now the perfect fit for 3” x 4” Project Life Photo Pockets like these 6” x 8” pages and Espresso 6” x 8” album.

Shown: cards from All Year Long Project Life Card Collection.



This same tutorial can be used for creating other photo size combinations like a 4” x 4” and two 2” x 2” photos, by using a different starting template.

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