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We are adding training videos and articles when needed. We will be adding them to our blog page, under the category of Demonstrator. You’ll need to be logged in to be able to view them.

If you don’t see what you are looking for, please leave a comment at the bottom of the page or contact us.




When you login to the membership site from the page, you’ll generally be directed to the Newsletter Page seen below.   If you ever get lost, simple go to the MY ACCOUNTS page.   This page has everything to do with your membership.  Scroll down to the bottom to find Demonstrator Newsletter link.


Here are the general steps.  Please don’t skip a step for best results: SELECT > MODIFY > PREVIEW > COPY

Four easy steps to merge and send a newsletter

1) Select a Newsletter Template

2) In the Saved Newsletter Section, select MODIFY button. Make any changes you wish to make. Click the SAVE CHANGES button.  Wait for confirmation box to appear.

3) Preview the newsletter by selecting the PREVIEW button.

4) Select the REFRESH button, and then COPY CODE button. The Copy Code task, copies the newsletter HTML code into your computer’s clipboard similarly to selecting text and selecting copy. You simply need to use the paste functionality to retrieve it.

5) NOTE: If you see funny code in your newsletter when you import to your Email Service Provider system, you might have missed a step.   The MODIFY button starts a process to exchange merge code for your personalized information.  If you don’t select the MODIFY button first, it won’t happen and you’ll see the merge code.  If this happens, delete the newsletter and select a new newsletter and follow the process above.  It’s easy to do as we get excited and want to preview first.

Once you have copied the code, paste the code into one of many Email Service Providers:



How do I change an image?

You can change an image if you have a URL of another image.

At this time, we don’t offer a service to upload images from your computer. Better yet, you should upload them on your media outlets such as DBWS, Blog, Facebook, or other social outlets. You will need an image URL.  In this video, we show you how to get the image URL from images in our Resource library.  UPDATE: We have removed the Resource Page.  The Resources were not being utilized as Stampin’ Up! now offers catalog images on their social media, as well on demonstrators DBWS.


Click MODIFY button on Saved Template
Click on the image
Paste the URL into the dialog box and click OK
If the image doesn’t look how you would expect it, simply repeat the process and the sizing automatically adjusts

My Copy Code Button Doesn't Work

If you can’t use this feature, feel free to use the Copy Source HTML process we did in the past.  It’s almost as easy as is reliable on all machines and browsers.

If you don’t see the Copy Code button, you might need to select the REFRESH button first.  This will fresh and updates you have made and reproduce the code to copy.

How do I delete text and pictures?

To delete an image or text, you use the same method. First select the image or text, and then select the Backspace button on your computer. If that doesn’t work, try the Delete button.

To delete a section, click in the section and you should see a circle with an x inside on the top of the section.  Click on the circle to remove the whole section.

If you get results you don’t like, simply close the tab and start over again. If you Save Changes that you don’t like you can edit the newsletter or you can always delete the template and start over again with a fresh newsletter. Nothing hurt.

Making dramatic changes may affect the outcome of your newsletter in your Email Service Provider. Please test before sending.



Did you know you can add photos, Hostess Codes, and links to further personalize your newsletters? You can by using the Signature section under the Profile tab.

How To:
How do I add a photo to my signature? Copy and paste an image you have on your blog to the Signature Box.
How do I add a link? In the Signature Box type the text you want to appear for your link. Select the text and click on the Insert/Edit Link button. Paste or type your URL into the box and click the Apply arrow button to add the link.   Please note, the link button on the edit toolbar has been disabled due to a technical issue.   You can simply copy and paste a link found on another web page.
What Media can I add? You can add a web url that ends with either JPG and PNG for photos/graphics.
How can I change my name in the signature line to a handwritten font style so it looks more like an actual signature? Save your preferred signature as an image and copy and paste the image into the Signature Box.

Steps to Update Signature: When you log in you’ll see 4 tabs near the top (Newsletters, Profile, Training, Resources).

1. Click on the Profile tab
2. Scroll down to the Signature section, it has a larger text box
3. Make your changes and be sure to click the UPDATE button at the bottom of the page to save your changes!
4. These changes will apply to any newsletter you create after the changes are saved. Delete and re-create an existing newsletter to have the updated signature appear. These changes will apply to all future newsletters until you change it.

Have a question or want tips on a specific subject please email it to us!


Our Top Tip!
Add a hostess code – Type in a current Hostess code at the beginning of each month. Include a note about using the hostess code with online orders and why your customers want to use it. Remember, the changes apply to all future newsletters until you change it, so if you add a Host Code or promo link, you’ll need to update them each month.

I don't have a blog, is there another option?

The world of technology and communication are always changing! With the upcoming changes to DBWS we are working to stay ahead of the curve as much as possible. Some of you have been asking about the blog feed and how that works if you don’t have a blog or what to do with upcoming changes to DBWS.

Currently, the blog feed and the events feed are in two columns that automatically import the information from your Profile Page information into the newsletters. The blog feed is on the right and events on the left.

Plus, there are other options you could use for the blog feed so that you are offering quality content to your customers. Instead of using the DBWS blog you can use the RSS feed from:

  • Your personal blog (WordPress, Blogger, etc.)
  • Instagram (yours or Stampin’ Up!)
  • YouTube (yours or Stampin’ Up!)
  • Pinterest (yours or Stampin’ Up!)
  • So Shelli blog
  • NOT Facebook, unfortunately Facebook isn’t compatible with RSS feeds without a third-party option.

If you want us to update your profile so the DBWS Blog RSS feed uses one of the above we are happy to do that for you. Just let us know which one and give us a couple days to make the change for you.

8 Responses to “Newsletter Training”

  1. When I started personalizing my information and I got to the Nickname area it had my email address and I removed it. When saving I got an error message that it was required, I’m assuming this Nickname will not show up in the newsletter and it’s just for CraftyPerson, right?

    • Hello Wanda. Oh no. I sent you a personal email to respond to your question. If you don’t receive it, feel free to contact using the CONTACT US menu item – top right above.

  2. I’ve tried to add a link too my classes so folks can RSVP and pay me. When I click the link icon that pops up, it dissappears before I can type the link. What am I doing wrong? Any chance on getting a video on this please?

    Jeannette Swain March 4, 2019 at 1:54 pm
    • Jeannette, our service doesn’t offer linking at this time. There’s a bit of complication we haven’t figured out yet. Most of our member add the links on their event blog or DBWS which the newsletter links directly when it feeds the events. Let me know if this doesn’t make sense. It’s on our bucket list.

  3. I am trying to link my events to my DBWS calendar. When I hit the link icon sometimes a box pops up that says to type the url. When I try to tap anything the box vanishes. What am I doing wrong? I just read the comment above and is it still true that the linking doesn’t work? The events calendar on my DBWS does it automatically propagate to the newsletter?

    Sharon Hashimoto May 27, 2021 at 1:08 pm
  4. How do I import a photo from my Mac to my newsletter? I tried copy and paste and also drag and drop, but neither worked.

    Pauline Barratt July 5, 2021 at 6:20 pm
    • Hello Pauline. At this time, we don’t offer a service to upload images from your computer. Better yet, you should upload them on your media outlets such as DBWS, Blog, Facebook, or other social outlets. You will need an image URL. We’ve sent you an email reply with some reference materials/video on this page as options. Let us know if that helps. What is generally asked about is a personal photo so that it will be in your profile. We highly recommend updating your photo on your DBWS and then we can help you get that image URL and reference it on the Newsletter Profile Page.

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