Making and Recording Holiday Memories

Amy's Christmas Tree

Season’s Greetings! Debbie and I hope that you enjoy a wonderful time with your family and friends this week.

I especially look forward to spending time with family and enjoying our favorite traditions. We’ll bake cookies with my boys, open special ornaments that represent something big that happened during the year for each person, and enjoy being together.

Last weekend we went to the mountains for our annual tree cutting. We go to an area the Forest Service wants thinned. They only charge $10 for any size tree! We take a thermos of hot chocolate and get photos with Smokey the Bear. It’s a fun tradition that my “oh so cool” teens still look forward to. We usually get a tall skinny tree. Since the trees are wild, not farmed and trimmed, they are not perfect. We’ve learned that trees look much smaller outside than in our living room and the not-so-perfect trees look beautiful when decorated.

We finished decorating our 14 foot tall Christmas tree we brought home from the mountains. Well, all except for very top, that even my 6′ 5″ husband couldn’t reach from the ladder! It isn’t the “perfect” tree, but it has it’s own quirky charm.

While you are enjoying your traditions, snap a few photos of some of the little things you do that make the celebrations special. Use them to create a simple album that highlights the things that make your heart sing.  Don’t let any more of these precious moments slip through your fingers. Capture what matters – whether it’s the visits with Santa, hot cocoa by the fire, or snowmen and snow angels built with love, they’ll all have a place in a special album filled with your treasured holiday moments.

December sped by faster than Santa’s sleigh!  This Saturday we are sending our last 12 Weeks of Christmas Series tutorial to our email subscribers.   There is still time for you to sign-up.  We are highlighting The Project Life Hello December 2016 Card Collection. It offers the perfect accents to compliment your photos and gives you plenty of space to record special memories, quotes, and traditions. Creating and enjoying your album will become a tradition that you and your family will enjoy for years to come.

Project Life ​Hello December 2016 Card Collection

Hello December 2016 Project Life Card Collection # 142004

Hello December 2016 Project Life Card Collection # 142004


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