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Whew! What a week, with the changes to Mailchimp Amy and I feel like we’ve had a real monkey on our backs (sorry couldn’t resist a groan-worthy pun). A bit of humor gets us through most things and we appreciate you rolling along with us!

The great news is we have a solution that allows you to continue to use the Free Mailchimp service and our newsletter content without going bananas. We’ve created both video and written instructions to walk you through the steps. The video is a good follow along for those of you that are confident using Mailchimp. The written tutorial has detailed step-by-step instructions for each screen and step and is perfect for those that are less familiar with Mailchimp.

Good news is on the way though. Mailchimp has said they will be grandfathering the features to previous Free accounts, although we aren’t certain when that will fall into play.

We appreciate you swinging through this jungle with us! (And for pretending to laugh at our dumb jokes).

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STEP 1:  Just like usual you’ll select a newsletter, click on the Modify button and make any edit you’d like, and then save the newsletter.
STEP 2:  Click on the Preview button. If the newsletter is the way you want it you can then close that tab and click on the Copy Code button.
STEP 3:  Open Mailchimp and log in. At the top right click on the “Create” button.
STEP 4:  Choose “Email” as the type of campaign you want to create.
STEP 5:  Add your campaign name and click “Begin”.
STEP 6:  This next page has several sections for you to edit including which list you want to send to, the email subject, etc. You’ll want to update those, but for adding the newsletter content you’ll go to the “Content” section and click on the “Design Email” button.
STEP 7:  This page shows the templates available. Some templates are free and some are paid templates. Look for the Basic One Column template and click on it.
STEP 8:  A template will open. The template has several block sections pre-populated. The second section is the one designed for the main email body. This is where you will add your newsletter content. Click the “Edit” button.
STEP 9:  The screen will split into two sections. Look towards the top of the right section and click the “<>” button for adding Source code.
STEP 10:  Select and delete all the code that is in the section on the right.

Right click and click “Select all” and then hit the delete key.

Or use the shortcuts. (Control + A and then delete button on PC, or Command + A and then delete for Mac).

STEP 11:  Right click in the section and select “Paste”.
STEP 12:  Once the source code is pasted in you will see the newsletter appear on the left section of the screen. You can scroll up and down to view the whole newsletter and make sure it looks good.

Then click the “Save & Close” button.

STEP 13:  The top block or section is for a header or logo. You can add your own here or delete the section using the trash can “delete” button.
STEP 14:  Finally, click “Save & Close” at the bottom right and finish setting up your email to send just as you normally would.

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We have created a printed version for you.  MAILCHIMP TUTORIAL FOR FREE ACCOUNTS


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