How do I send a newsletter using my DBWS?


DBWS (Demonstrator Business Web Site) is a paid service provided by Stampin’ Up!  Our done-for-you newsletters can be easily imported into DBWS to send to your customers.  We’ve created a tutorial below to show you how easy it is.

You must be logged into your Demonstrator Website to utilize the service. Please refer to Stampin’ Up!’s DBWS Support on questions about the service, how it works, and the cost.

There are five easy steps to merge and send a newsletter after you have created a new DBWS e-Card.

1) Select a Newsletter Template

2) In the Saved Newsletter Section, select MODIFY button. Make any changes you wish to make. Click the SAVE CHANGES button. Wait for confirmation box to appear.

3) Preview the newsletter by selecting the PREVIEW button.

4) Select the REFRESH button, and then the COPY CODE button. The Copy Code task, copies the newsletter HTML code into your computer’s clipboard similarly to selecting text and selecting copy. You simply need to use the paste functionality to retrieve it.

5) Return to your DBWS e-Card and select Paste HTML Code radio button. Paste your code into the section that says PASTE YOUR HTML CODE HERE. There are several ways to paste based on your computer type and preference,Click Here for Instructions. Select the PREVIEW button to preview.


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