How do I add links and photos to my newsletter?

Did you know you can add photos, Hostess Codes, and links to further personalize your Demonstrator Newsletters we produce? You can easily by using the Signature section under the Personalization tab.

How To:
How do I add a photo to my signature? Copy and paste an image you have on your blog to the Signature Box.

How do I add a link? In the Signature Box type the text you want to appear for your link. Select the text and click on the Insert/Edit Link button. Paste or type your URL into the box and click the Apply arrow button to add the link. Please note, the link button on the edit toolbar has been disabled due to a technical issue.   You can simply copy and paste a link found on another web page.

What Media can I add? You can add JPG and PNG photos/graphics.

How can I change my name in the signature line to a handwritten font style so it looks more like an actual signature? Save your preferred signature as an image and copy and paste the image into the Signature Box.

Steps to Update Signature: When you log in you’ll see 4 tabs near the top (Newsletters, Personalization, Training, Resources).

  1. Click on the PROFILE tab (previously Personalization)
  2. Scroll down to the Signature section, it has a larger text box
  3. Make your changes and be sure to click the UPDATE button at the bottom of the page to save your changes!
  4. These changes will apply to any newsletter you create after the changes are saved. Delete and re-create an existing newsletter to have the updated signature appear. These changes will apply to all future newsletters until you change it.

Have a question or want tips on a specific subject please email it to us!


Our Top Tip!
Add a hostess code – Type in a current Hostess code at the beginning of each month. Include a note about using the hostess code with online orders and why your customers want to use it. Remember, the changes apply to all future newsletters until you change it, so if you add a Host Code or promo link, you’ll need to update them each month.

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