Easy Events Add to Newsletter from New DBWS

Easy Events Add to Newsletter

Amy and I wanted to give you an update on how the newsletters are working with the new DBWS changes. We have been doing a lot of testing and are pleased that most things are working well. If you haven’t updated your Personalization, or had us help you update it, you can see the instructions we sent out here or contact us for help.

Stampin’ Up! made big changes to how the calendar and events work so we are looking at big changes too. Without getting too technical, the event RSS feed is no longer being provided and hence will not feed into your newsletters.

The good news is that we have a simple workaround, that many members actually prefer as they have more control. The workaround is a copy and paste from your DBWS events into the newsletter. The great news is that when you copy the events from your DBWS and past them into the newsletters the links remain active! Yay! We know some people prefer videos and some prefer written instructions, so we’ve created both to show how and where to copy and paste your events. While this isn’t the long-term solution we want, it’s not a bad short-term solution while the DBWS is still being changed and we get our development plan figured out.

We appreciate your patience while we all work through the changes to DBWS and the impact it has on the newsletters. If you have questions or need more help please let us know!

Use a desktop PC or Mac for best results.  We prefer using the latest Firefox or Edge browsers.

Download Step-by-Step Tutorial

Watch Video

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