Mailchimp: Import HTML to Create a Campaign


There is a slick way for members of our Demonstrator Newsletter Service to copy their personalized newsletter to Mailchimp.   Take a moment to review the simple steps, trust me, you’ll be glad you did.


Follow these easy steps for creating newsletters in the CraftyPerson Demonstrator Newsletter Membership Site.

  1. Select the newsletter
  2. Modify the newsletter content (don’t miss this step!)
  3. Preview the newsletter

There are two way to import the newsletter into Mailchimp; Paste in Code and Import from URL.  The paste in code is the easiest and most reliable but Import from URL is convenient.



Paste in Code

Follow the Mailchimp instructions to Code Your Own option.  In CraftyPerson select Copy Code for your newsletter.  In Mailchimp select Paste in Code.

Import from URL

Create your campain in Mailchimp using the Code Your Own option.  See MailChimp instructions.  With the Mailchimp Import from URL feature, you can simply copy the web address when you are previewing the newsletter into the Import from URL.

Then select Import from URL.


Mailchimp will ask you to paste your Campaign URL.  In the CraftyPerson Newsletter Service Membership Site when you are previewing the completed newsletter, copy the web address (URL) at the top of the browser.

Paste the URL into Mailchimp.


That’s it!  Let us know if you try it and how it turns out.

Unfortunately, I could not find the same feature in aWeber or Constant Contact.   If you hear of the same feature in a different Email Provider, please let us know.

If you are interested, click on the image below to try Mailchimp free of charge!


Mailchimp updated their services and features for Free Account Members.  Amy and I feel like we’ve had a real monkey on our backs (sorry couldn’t resist a groan-worthy pun). A bit of humor gets us through most things and we appreciate you rolling along with us!

The great news is we have a solution that allows you to continue to use the Free Mailchimp service and our newsletter content without going bananas. We’ve created both video and written instructions to walk you through the steps.

Mailchimp Free Account Option


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  1. Worked like a charm! Thanks!


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