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HFS (R) New Heavy Duty Guillotine Paper Cutter - 12" Commercial Metal Base A3/A4 Trimmer

My Favorite Amazon Crafting Buys

I’ve become an Amazon junkie since I have Amazon Prime and Dot. If I’m not buying crafting stuff from my own Stampin’ Up! store, I then go to Amazon. These items are tried and true products I use all the time. I’ve mentioned or my customers, friends, and demo sisters have seen me use them and have asked where I ordered them from and how much. My mind isn’t what it used to be so I’ve compiled a list of my favorite Amazon craft finds here. I’ll continue to update this list.

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Year-End Review 2017

Blow up the balloons! Queue up the resolutions! Chill the champagne!

It’s almost New Year’s Eve!

I love this time of year, not for the glamorous parties and excuse to wear all the bling, but because it represents a clean slate with so many possibility.

It’s also the perfect time to look back over the year to see what went well and what didn’t. January is a time for projection and setting goals, the last month of the year is often a time of introspection.

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Wish List for Santa craftyperson-newsletterservice1

My Copy Code Button isn’t Working

We have heard from some members, the copy code doesn’t respond when it is selected. The copy code button uses Adobe Flash scripting. When we created the site, Flash was not a problem.  Since then, Apple has decided to disable using it on their devices.  Which means the copy code doesn’t work on a MAC and mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, etc.   There are ways to enable Flash in your browser if you are using a PC.  This was the way we had process our newsletters for a number of years.  The Copy Code was simply a new options.

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reSmile Your Cards

Did you know there is a tool that lets you make your card re-usable? has a range of sticky notes that are specially designed with you in mind. Each page has simple graphics and instructions so your recipient knows exactly how to re-use your card. Now your friend can share your card with another friend, which makes you look like the hippest crafty person around!  We are giving away 100 pads to anyone.  Find out how you can receive yours.

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