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Year-End Review 2017

Blow up the balloons! Queue up the resolutions! Chill the champagne!

It’s almost New Year’s Eve!

I love this time of year, not for the glamorous parties and excuse to wear all the bling, but because it represents a clean slate with so many possibility.

It’s also the perfect time to look back over the year to see what went well and what didn’t. January is a time for projection and setting goals, the last month of the year is often a time of introspection.

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Amy's Christmas Tree

Making and Recording Holiday Memories

Season’s Greetings! Debbie and I hope that you enjoy a wonderful time with your family and friends this week.

I especially look forward to spending time with family and enjoying our favorite traditions. We’ll bake cookies with my boys, open special ornaments that represent something big that happened during the year for each person, and enjoy being together.

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hellofall Outlander-poster[1] Susy Miller, Stampin' Up! Demonstrator

RIP Susy Miller

A number of demonstrators were waiting in line to use the one and only computer at the hotel to check-in online and print our boarding passes for our outgoing flights. We were all gabbing and having a good time during the hour-long wait. The person in front of me was Susy Miller. She was a SUN Member so it was nice to catch-up with her.

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Art Makes You Smart

FOR many education advocates, the arts are a panacea: They supposedly increase test scores, generate social responsibility and turn around failing schools. Most of the supporting evidence, though, does little more than establish correlations between exposure to the arts and certain outcomes. Research that demonstrates a causal relationship has been virtually nonexistent.
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