Meet Amy Barnes

Hello, I’m Amy and I’m so glad you are visiting CraftyPerson! I hope you enjoy the creativity and services we have for you here. This is where I get to tell you about myself, which seems awkward to put out on a computer screen. Hopefully, over time, I’ll get to know you, too and it won’t feel so weird!

I’ll start out by sharing the basics. I’m an “almost” Colorado native and graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a BA in Social Sciences Geography & History. I worked in GIS (computer mapping), Training, and Product Management in the 911 industry before leaving the corporate world to do the “Mom” thing. Oddly that background worked well into becoming a creative business owner and part of CraftyPerson!

Now I’m the stay/work-from-home mom of two boys. They were very young when started working with Debbie and CraftyPerson and now they are bigger than me, but they are still my “babies”. They are, of course, the best, smartest, and most wonderful boys ever! My oldest is a baseball fanatic and my youngest is all about computer games.

I’m married to my best friend, Scott, who is a very sweet and extremely patient man. He is also sometimes the ringleader of chaos and my biggest child.

I have many different interests and am a bit of a puzzle, or at least that’s what my husband thinks! I’m an introvert, but I get inspired by sharing my passion for creativity. I’d ratter be inside crafting, but I need my time out in nature, too. I’m more of a tomboy than a princess, but having two boys has fostered a small liking for pinks, pastels, and sparkly things that is new to me. I enjoy traveling, camping, hiking, and exploring our National Parks, but I’m really a homebody. I enjoy living in a small town where I run into people I know and have beautiful views of the mountains. On the other hand, I’m happy to live fairly near the “big city” of Denver where we can enjoy great museums, theaters, and a variety of terrific restaurants.

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