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Debbie McNeill
Portland, OR  97201
Phone 253-238-3979


I am a Stampiní Up! demonstrator in the Portland Oregon area. I founded CraftyPerson Production in November 2007. 

CraftyPerson Production began with a desire to provide technology assistance to the Stampiní Up! demonstrator. I knew how difficult it can be to run a home based direct sales business, maintain a balanced life and learn all this computer stuff at the same time. I have been a computer developer and trainer most of my life and I enjoys teaching people in a down-to-earth style.

After working as a Stampiní Up! demonstrator for three years, I was asked to put together an electronic course on how to connect to the Stampiní Up! online catalog from another website or via email. This evolved into the Stamping Updates Network (SUN) Newsletter Service. The newsletters are created as templates filled with content and provided in an HTML format. The templates allow the independent demonstrator to add their personalization and product offerings and then send to their customers.

The Class in a Flash product was developed with a like-minded Stampin' Up! Demonstrator - Amy Barnes.  The concept came from our own needs as demonstrators and we formed a Joint Venture in Fall 2007.  Our product and this website was launched in January 2008.

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